Endearing value filled children's books that encourage prayer and embrace Latino culture.

Every child is an Aiko kid - "God's little loved one". Lets read, pray and play.

The Aiko Collection

The Lamb’s Gift

Friendships come in all forms, shapes and colors. In this story, it comes in the form of a little girl and a very special lamb that is dyed an array of colors throughout their journey. This sweet and endearing tale, shares their friendship and the struggle to trust in the unknown. Has your child ever owned a special blanket, pacifier or toy of which she/he had a hard time letting go? This story reminds us that sometimes holding on, is holding back. 

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Camila is a bright, joyful little girl who loved to dance merengue.  After a devastating accident, she becomes paralyzed from the waist down. However, when she receives her new wheelchair she is in for a big surprise. Discover how Camila learns about herself and what she can do. This heartwarming story remind us of the power within each and every one of us. 

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Lola lives in a completely blank canvas until one day she sneezes and crayons come shooting out of her nose. She uses the colors to design a whole new world and is proud of her creation, until things start to go wrong. This creative story teaches your little loved one that love and generosity can make an impact in any world. 

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Pink Feathers

If you ever thought pink was a weak color, think again! This book tells the story of Fia, a pink flamingo who gets lost and ends up in a world of black, white and grey Ostridge’s who mock her pink feathers. Dive into a story where the black and white discover the need for pink. 

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