10 Reasons the Aiko Prayer Can Help Your Child

10 Reasons the Aiko Prayer Can Help Your Child
  1. The Aiko prayer is a child friendly way to introduce your child to God 
  2. The Amen in the Aiko Prayer teaches your child to be grateful 
  3. The I pray in the Aiko Prayer can help your child have a better sense of self. 
  4. Prayer can teach your child to think and pray for others 
  5. Prayer is a positive coping mechanism for children and can even help reduce aggression during tantrums (YES, PLEASE)
  6. Praying with the help of a parent is a bonding experience that is interactive
  7. Prayer can help reduce stress (Parents may need this more than kids!)
  8. Prayer gives your child hope
  9. Prayer can actually help increase lifespan and attitude 
  10. Prayer teaches compassion and love 

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