10 Reasons to Read the Aiko books to your child

10 Reasons to Read the Aiko books to your child
  1. Reading to your child allows you and your child to bond with each other and love helps those little Aiko brains grow smart!
  2. Studies show that children who do well in school and enjoy school are those who have been more exposed to reading. 
  3. Reading promotes longer attentions spans which is essential for learning any other task or subject. 
  4. Aiko books in particular teach your child values that will strengthen a child’s ability to distinguish what is good and bad.
  5. Aiko books provide characters from different paths of life so that your child is exposed to different relationships, situations, and the worlds. 
  6. Making reading fun with your child creates positive bonding memories. Thus, when your child gets older, he/she will associate reading to a positive experience and is more likely to be a lifelong reader. 
  7. Aiko books help children develop strong emotional pathways in their brains by exposing them to compassion, love, and hope. This helps your child be more empathetic. 
  8. Reading to your child will expose your child to a much higher percentage of vocabulary then watching TV or even speaking which will help him/her develop advanced literacy skills.
  9. Although the brain is absolutely important and studies show that reading to your child increases the brain activity in your little one’s brain, the heart is also important and Aiko books makes sure to include that in every book.
  10. Lastly, reading is fun and reading is forever. Children are more likely to be influenced and remember the lesson taught.  

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