About Aiko

Memories shape us, books expose us, together they form us. Imagine a world where children's memories are shaped by loving parents, where books expose them to values of kindness, love, and together they form the leaders of tomorrow.

My entire world changed the second my daughter was born in the middle of the winter when the nights were cold and the rain was relentless, but in the stillness of the first moments I shared with her the world was warm and our connection was undeniable. And so, began my journey to motherhood.

Like many moms, I tried an assortment of activities to help my child hit each milestone like; gelatin texture play, glue art with pom poms (too many casualties to the glue), and about one hundred types of blocks (or at least that's how it felt). I racked my brain with new activities, but it soon became a full-time job. I soon discovered simplicity was the key. I needed to read to her, become these silly characters, laugh with her, and create memories we’d both remember for a lifetime. Then, I came across a different problem.

Finding books that dove deeper than your typical ‘once upon a time’ tales were more difficult than I imagined, but I insisted on reading books that nourished her. To add, finding books with minorities was just as challenging. Thus, we started a bedtime tradition. After reading a few books, I would continue with an oral story, accompanied by a prayer. She enjoyed the implementation of this new routine and it slowly began to shape her. She soon took the reader stance and began reading to her stuffed bear named Cowboy and even told her bear to pray for the other bears (Teddy's need prayer too, why not?). Out of this love and desire to share these stories with other children, Aiko books were born.

Aiko books are carefully crafted, beginning with a value, not a character or a place, but a value. We aim to engage the child mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to encourage growth. Each book teaches a new value and brings about an opportunity to create memories with your child and introduce prayer. Our mission is to make every child feel like an Aiko kid, which is defined as, “God's little loved one.” We should all know we are loved by family, books, and God. It is as simple as reading an Aiko book to know you too are an Aiko kid.